400 Over LUTs & Preset Color & VHS for Premiere Pro Templates

Premiere Pro CC++ | No Plugin | 1920×1080 | 1Gb


Project includes :

Premiere Pro 2017 Project file with applied presets on adjustments Premiere Pro preset file .prfpset

and 3d lut files. .cube

.cube files may be used also in After Effects 420 unique color presets for color grading 12 categories of video styles:

aerial, cinematic, fashion, special, skin, travel, urban, vlog, wedding, creative, Instagram, vintage 


How to import presets in Premiere Pro

Open your project in Premiere Pro, than go to Effects and Presets window. Here right click on Presets folder – and select Import Presets.

Now in opened window select downloaded and unpacked [420 Color Grading Presets.prfpset] file and press Open.

Now in Effects and Presets window you can see new directory with 420 color presets, divided by 12 categories.

To apply preset drag it from Effects window and drop on your footage or adjustment layer.

How to use .cube files

You can also use presets as luts, there are 420 .cube files in package.

Just apply on your footage Lumetri Color effect in Premiere or After Effects (or select layer and go to Color window in premiere) .

In Basic Correction controls you can see Input LUT option, click on None and than – Browse.

Set path to your downloaded and unpacked folder, and choose one of

.cube files in LUT`s folder. Selected color preset will apply on your footage

Before using LUT`s I would recommend you make basic color correction of your footage.

Adjust brightness and contrast of your video, make sure that it not overexposed and objects on screen that supposed to be dark are not gray. Correct white balance on your images, that will help your video looks fantastic.

How to use VHS and Old Film effects.

There are premiere projects in package with VHS Effects and Old Film looks. You can open it in Premiere Pro CC 2017 or higher. In project window you can see 15 VHS or 5 Old Film sequences. So, make new sequence and place your footage in it, you can use resolution not higher 1920×1080.

Make sure, that Insert/Overwrite button is white on your timeline. Just drag one of VHS sequences from project window to your timeline, above your footage on free video track. That`s all, enjoy your VHS style. If you think that effect looks too dark or bright, select your video and press Color window. Here you can adjust exposure, brightness and saturation.


  1. All parts of the file are linked together. Therefore you should download all of them to avoid errors during the unzip process.
  2. You should use the latest version of Winrar to unzip
  3. The download link is the high-speed and direct one that helps you save time for downloading the whole file. 
  4. In case the link doesn’t work, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to let me know. I will try to fix errors.